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synthetic oil...

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I personally run synthetic oil in every one of my vehicles, even an old 90 Chev P/U. The major benefit of synthetic oil is that it possesses better stability and will not "break down" like a conventional petroleum based oil.

For the consumer this means the oil has a greater resistance to temperature changes and enhanced lubricity. Typically, synthetic oil of the same viscosity grade as a petroleum based oil will flow better during extreme cold temperatures(winter startup) and will be able to extract more heat from hot engine components, thereby allowing greater wear resistance. Synthetic oils are also less likely to buildup sludge inside your engine.

That said, I think it's a waste of money to run $20 per quart oil in a winter beater. There are cheaper synthetics out there which are more than adequate for that application.

One thing that I've noticed with people running synthetic oils is that they tend to change their oil less frequently when running synthetic. In my car and truck I tend to change it around the 4000K mark with mostly highway driving. If I'm driving more in the city, I tend to change it earlier than that, around 3500K.

Some say I change my oil too often. I just think of it as both preventative maintenance and cheap insurance.
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I don't know if anyone else has had this experience but I've found that if an engine tends to burn oil(higher mileage), using synthetic oil helps it to burn MORE oil.

As Petroleum oil gets dirty it becomes thicker whereas synthetic oils don't. Thinner oils are easier to get past worn rings/guides/seals.

As for converting it, don't worry about it. Just pour it in. If your really concerned about it, use an additive such as Seafoam to clean the engine out before you do your synthetic oil change.(Good practice to do so once in awhile anyhow, IMO)
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go big or go home either run castrol gtx or run the good stuff Motul
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Synthetic oil will leak or burn out eaiser as the molecules in it are all the same size. Regular oil molecules are all different sizes and sometimes plug up small leaks and don't burn off as fast.
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