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turbo question...

Old 24-Apr-2007, 06:12 AM
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turbo question...

this may be a dumb question but i dont know much about turbos just curious do cars that come turbod stock (eagle talon) have a blow off valve my one friend was telling me there inclosed systems or somthing? if they dont then how do they releave pressure when letting off the gas? any good sites explaining turbo? lemme know Thanks...

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Old 24-Apr-2007, 05:27 PM
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your friends talon releases the pressurized air back into the air intake charge instead of in the atmosphere...
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Originally posted by Whiplash
no, not all turbo'd cars have blow-off valves
normally excess boost would be released thru the waste gate
^^I hope you were joking....

Most factory turbo'd cars have a recirculating blow-off valve or by-pass valve. Instead of the air pressure in the charge pipe being expelled out into the atmosphere, it is sent back into the intake pipe before the turbo charger to be re compressed.
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Old 25-Apr-2007, 11:28 PM
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ok soo in general does anyone know if the talon Tsi has a factory blow off vavle or it goes back thew the intake pipe?

also how hard would it be too install a aftermarket bov on one then?

thanks for the anwsers
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Old 26-Apr-2007, 02:36 AM
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yes, it's a looping system to keep the MAF happy. you go and vent to atmosphere, not only are you breaking emissions laws, you're also making your car run pig rich.
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on those they meter how much air is put into engine venting soem of the air off makes it run rich cause it adds fuel for that missing air hense rich. Unless he has a 2g the 1g bov 90-94 model year is more than good. you don't need a aftermarket one. in order for you to vent the bov to get that pssshhtt sound you need a gm maft blow thru setup is your friend. Do not touch anything on that car untill you read up on it. ps bov on talons is on the pipe going to throttle body on teh underside near battery
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