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What a nightmare, please help!

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What a nightmare, please help!

Hello Torontocivics! Havent been on here for a while since i had sold my 2002 honda civic a couple of years ago but now im back with a nice silver 2006 honda civic coupe!! But with my new purchase comes new problems and I'm asking for some major help and advice. Theres three things i would like to share with everyone.

1) My new civic is great, runs nice and everything. I got it last week , good with the test drive but now i found out there is a radio/electrical problem. I bought it from a local dealership , really nice guy, he even told me to bring it in but really and honestly im so busy at work and everything else that i have no time to bring it in. When i turn on the radio on a certain station it will stay on the station for about two minutes then it mysteriously changes stations by itself going from FM to AM to AUX. And when it does this....the clock on the display dims and fades away then comes back on. Sometimes it turns on, then i hear a loud "pop" and that means my sound is GONE until i restart my car again. Can this be a bad ground? or a bad radio? I see some radios on kijiji for sale but i dont want to buy it put it in and doesnt resolve the problem. any help on this is great!!

2) I sold my SUV last week. I bought this SUV last year July of 2009 at a dealership right at keele and finch. I had asked them if the vehicle was involved in any accidents or does it have any liens. They said no so i went ahead and purchased the car. So when i sold it last week, the new buyer of the SUV attempted to transfer the name over to theirs but they saw that there is an active lien on the car. I went to the dealer where i got the car and asked them why they sold me a car with a lien on it and he said "they dont check those things" but he agreed to take care of the situation. He said to give him 5 days, but how long does it take to clear out a lean. and how is he gonna do that? i heard that it was the dealership's full responsibility to fix up this mess because he wasnt suppose to sell me a vehicle with a lien on it in the first place.As of now, im waiting for him to give me a lien release letter. What do u guys think?

3) As i was in search of the civic i went to a few dealerships and it was a total waste of time!!! I called Nexcar , asked them about a 2006 civic. they told me they had it available. When i got there, they didnt even have the one i wanted in stock, it was sold or something. and they kept asking me who i was talking to when i was on the phone with them. So they began showing me a bunch of other cars like accords and other year civics. What a waste of time! next i went to downview auto to take a look at this mazda 3 that i saw a ad on autotrader. When i got to the dealership, the exact mazda with the exact stock number was $1000 more than the price on trader. I asked the reception lady why is the price $1000 more than the price on the trader and shes like, "i dont think so, you must be mistaken" But clearly i was not, and anyways the mazda was a 2005 and it had more rust than my bicycle i had sitting outside for a year!

Bottom line is, this experience has scarred me for life and i dont think i will be buying or selling a vehicle ever again. If i buy im gonna buy new and avoid all problems. Please Ive been through a nightmare this past week so any advice or help is great and thanks for reading this long post!
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Congrats on the new civic! Glad you found the car you wanted and I hope you can get it fixed without too much hassle.

A big part of all this is dealerships, or 'stealerships' as many of us call them. Some of them are good and some of the employees are good. Some really do want to help you out. But from my experience, for the most part, at the end of the day they want to sell you a car, any car, and make money.

I will never buy a new car and I would be very careful if I ever buy a used car at a dealership. I like to go drive around to different places and see what they actually have on the lot in person. I've had the same thing happen where they advertised one car in autotrader for less then what the sticker said in the window. It worked out in the end because I showed them the ad and they agreed to take my offer.

With dealerships, you can't let them get to you. Be prepared to walk away, even if it's the car you want.
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