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Former TPC member, new Si onwer from Mississauga, ON

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Canada Former TPC member, new Si onwer from Mississauga, ON

Greetings all...

As my title suggests, I used to frequent the Toronto Prelude Club back in it's early days...

I formerly owned a 4th-gen Prelude SR-V (blue 1995) up until July 2011. She gave me over 330K and 15 years of absolutely loyal service. Over the years, I gave her a lot of love. Many upgrades (Nuespeed strutbar, Neuspeed springs, Koni yellow adjustables, 17" Konig Villians, RS*R Exhaust, DC header, Fidanza flywheel, and stage 1 clutch) I kept up with the routine maintanence, but when the maintanence started to become very cost-ineffective (and MORE frequent), I knew it was finally time to leave her was quite an emotional moment.

I could have dumped more money into her and would be still driving it now. But situations change, and most importantly, my new son had just arrived and I needed a car that had a backseat for actual people instead of just luggage...

Like I said, I had been with the SRV for more than 15 years... You spend that much time with ANYTHING (living or inanimate) and it becomes very difficult to say goodbye. Fifteen years is a LONG time.. Many, MANY good memories are tied to that car. It was truly a bittersweet moment when I parked her for the last time knowing I would never drive her again...

But that same day, I got a lift up to the dealership in Markham, and picked up my incredibly clean and shiny 2008 Si. But first, let's go back about a week or so and talk about 'the search'.

During the previous 7 days or so, I had looked at a few 8th gen Si's during my search, and drove 2 of them, but on the day I drove up to Markham and looked at this one...within minutes of looking at it, I was thinking 'this could be the one'. The body and paint was in great shape (no dings, no dents), it had the factory fogs (which I really wanted), came with 18" RAYS (BONUS!) and the absolute icing on the cake was that she only had 16K on the clock!! The feeling in my gut was getting stronger... When the sales guy asked if I wanted to take a test drive, I was kind of already sold.. But then when I put it in reverse and gave it a shot of gas... that familiar sucking sound of an aftermarket intake could be heard from under the hood (Which I found out later was in fact an Injen CIA. NICE!). All I could think to myself was *YYEEESSS!!* Sold, sold, sold. And once more...*SOLD!* My brain had already purchased this car before we even pulled out of the parking lot... There was no question... I wasn't leaving that dealership until the car was mine.

About 5 days later I returned, and drove her home.

The car is definetely 'quick'...(The SR-V felt punchier AND faster up until highway speeds, but the Si screams on the highway..not really sure which is faster, it's very close) But when driven hard, and chewing through the gears, the Si can easily put a big ****-eating grin on my face. Spinning the K20 up to 8K is quite a pleasureable soundtrack. (As well as scaring small children on the sidewalk... the Injen is HELLA LOUD when you get on the cam)

All that being said, there are a few things that **** me off about the car, and I might start another thread to talk about them... but otherwise, I am satisfied with the purchase...


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Welcome to !

Make sure to get involved and if you have any questions, let us know.

Make sure to also check out our gallery
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welcome, great car you got
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Welcome, I am in a similar boat! First of all, I thought you meant TPC = Toronto Protege Club at first. Hahaha I had a slow *** (but fun) Protege5 last summer after 6yrs and traded in for a Tafetta White 2010 Si sedan with 17K on the clock like new and all STOCK no mods. Tinted, rust proofed and clean and fresh.

I also must have the back seat, have a 4 yr old and 10month baby. Yes I got the booster and infant seat in the Si. I effing LOVVVE this car. No regrets, gotta good deal with trade in only $18.5K. Love how it revs to hell and winds up like a weed whacker. Shifter is just too good and sound is just perfect. I am blown away by the passing power on on ramps and single lane roads. But yet it can still be driven like a base granny civic.

Cant do much mods cause of the fam and I have zero time to do it. But little things like lights, stereo/sub are done. Would love to have an intake after you mention it, for the sound alone! I do hava K&N filter, does that count? heh. Enjoy your new ride!
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Welcome to the site, volt9!

Part of the reason your prelude might have felt "punchier" is probably because the H22 probably made more torque. Also, the 8th gen civic Si is drive by wire, which means the computer interprets your input, and then moves the throttle according to what the computer thinks is best. One of the reasons I'm not a fan of newer cars and why I went from a 2000 civic SiR to an 89 supra. lol

Don't get me wrong, the 8th gen civics are nice cars. Great to drive, good fuel economy, decent power. I just prefer the more mechanical simplicity of older cars. I like it when the throttle does exactly what my right foot does.

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Welcome to the club. I absolutely love my FG2. Best car I've ever owned.
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