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Discussion thread: Exhaust work

Old 01-Jun-2007, 03:01 PM
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Post Discussion thread: Exhaust work

Please post your setup here if you wish to share it with the rest of the community - brand name, diameter, cost of installation if applicable, etc...

Also, post your exhaust questions here: what would fit, what to buy, what sounds like what, etc...

Thank you
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Old 01-Jun-2007, 11:12 PM
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What would you recomend for the quietest and cheapest exhaust?
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Old 01-Jun-2007, 11:19 PM
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OEM, stainless steel here.

On my previous 98 Civic Si, I had a Magnaflow, a Comptech and an OEM SiR catback. The Magnaflow and the Comptech were the loudest, but not overlyloud. The Sir was a nice throaty sound, without being overbearing which both the other's were at times.

Originally posted by Kingjames1983
What would you recomend for the quietest and cheapest exhaust?
An SiR exhaust.
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Old 03-Jun-2007, 01:00 AM
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Will a 99 SIR catback fit a 98 EX sedan?

Will a 99 SIR catback fit a 98 EX sedan with no modification?

appreciate any feedback. thanks!
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Old 13-Jun-2007, 08:32 PM
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2.5 inch vibrant cat
2.5 inch piping
no resonator
2.5 vibrant stealth exhaust

it's ok down low, it's not too loud but when you start getting on it, it SCREAMS. it doesn't sound raspy surprisingly but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants a quiet muffler. i mean i've been followed by cops a lot but none of them has ever said anything about my muffler. i used to have a fart can and got hassled like crazy for it.
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Old 19-Jun-2007, 12:19 AM
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stock si with an sir muffler
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Question Exhaust Help

Ok guys, i just acquired a Honda civic HB EG DX. It has a swapped 1.5 L stock engine. With cold air and cheep exhaust. I think they put a cherry bomb turbo exhaust on it, but i cant be sure. I was wondering, what do i have to do to get rid of that annoying sound while cruising. Even on the highway at low RPM's i get a sound that its hard to hear the radio or even talk to a front passenger. What do i have to do to make performance while haveing a nice tone thats barrable and wont drive me crazy driving for hours.



PS. Also please include places i can get the parts you list.
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Old 25-Jun-2007, 01:23 PM
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magnaflow exhaust

I installed a magnaflow exhaust not long ago

because my car is kinda low after having passengers, the rear muffer scratched the the ground several times when i go on ramp onto malls and stuff. it doesnt scratch in normal driving

I am just wondering, would my exhaust rust? IT IS stainless steeles, but I make some scratches..

what can i DO? I cant re-adjust the height because i only put the lowering springs
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Old 25-Jun-2007, 01:31 PM
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if the tip is sitting right up against your bumper then there is no re-adjusting you can do, i also had a magnaflow on my ek hatch and it got scratched up pretty bad, especially at square one , but i never saw any rust! hope that helps
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if the tip scratches when going over bumps when ur car is full of passengers no big deal it used to happen to me too in my crx cuz i had it lowered 3 inches and had 2 12's in the back, my muffler never rusted where it scratched
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Exhaust Sytem

So i was thinking instead of just changing the cat as per my previous thread, (maybe I should do a complete replacement. I currently have an axle back 5ziegen and it's a little old now. I also have stock headers.

Does anybody have suggestions on where to go and what product I should look into for the followingwould need this asap)
-Full complete exhaust sytem from front to back
-def do not want something loud sounding though
-not top of the line(unless it's on super special)
-decent is what i'm looking for with decent power gain
-something that will help overl efficiency of my car.

Appliacation is for a 95 civic coupe dx model with jdm si d15b engine.

Thanks in advance everyone and happy motoring.


Will also post in wtb section
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werent u selling this car? if so i would just find a muffler shop to weld on a new cat
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yah i'm selling it, but if it doesn't go by weeks end then i'm going to finsih the project and do the whole nine yards and keep it as a part time toy. because i offered the car safety and emmiss, i want to ensure the buyer gets a great deal.

any other suggestions
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Old 29-Jun-2007, 01:02 PM
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97 civic coupe

Apex'i GT Spec 2.75" catback with heddman headers and a highflow cat
Price was MRSP:1100 i paid 900
Price of installation: Free, i am handy

now everyone that heard my exhuast likes it for being that big. i enjoy it...its loud but not ricey to that extent
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Old 10-Jul-2007, 11:27 PM
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2 1/4 inch piping... stock cat.. cdn tire cherry bomb muffler

silent when idling... grumbles til 3500 rpm when it gets a bit louder and then screams when vtec kicks in...

i can see myself getting pulled over if i was ripping it.. maybe i should have put in a resonator...

total cost $200 for the piping and $40 for the muffler
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Old 19-Jul-2007, 10:03 PM
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Full Mugen twinloop cat back, sound nice and low and only scream when you want it to. soon will be upgrading my bpipe to 2.5" to match my cat and header.
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need resonator help

i need to add a resonator to my car but don't know what is a good or bad resonator... any advice???

what is a good brand or is there any ??

I need to really quiet down the car..
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vibrant has a new one called the super quiet or something like that.
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I have a Vibrant resonator in stock at the moment so pm me if you'd like any more information on it.
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