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Rear window suddenly smashed on Xmas eve..

Old 10-Jan-2010, 06:00 PM
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Rear window suddenly smashed on Xmas eve..

Hello everyone, my 1st thread & 1st post,

as the title says, the day before Xmas of last year my civic 03's
rear right window suddenly got hitted while I was driving past a
large construction-equipment-carrier type of truck. The split sec.
I heard the crack, I already saw this hole that's twice the size of
a baseball with complete cracks scattering all over the window...

I was on Markham road, the mid lane, and the large truck was on the
right lane. I kept honking the truck driver and eventually got him to
stop, many other drivers witnessing the mess on my window.

Some arguements were erupted, I was frustrated, the truck driver
and I couldn't find whatever that hitted my window (great window - likely bounced whatever the object off), I asked for his insurance but he said
that there's no proof and I should address this accident to my
insurance anyway..; a toll truck later arrived and that guy said the
same - police don't get involve in this type of accident and I should
report to my insurance, and even - told me to go to a shop that's
near Markham rd & steeles to pick up some cheap window replacement
for $20~ 30.

I knew that the fee must be too cheap to be true. I drove back home
and looked for shops online, the one that the toll truck driver suggested
seems to be a junkyard type of a company selling used without assist
on installing the window. At the end I paid near $250 to replace the whole
rear window all by myself, some even charge over $300 because it's Xmas.

Is there any better way to handle this type of accident??

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your comment.
And Happy new year!
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Old 11-Jan-2010, 11:27 AM
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I prove past a dumptruck and I got a cracked windshield. How am I to prove it was a stone from that dumptruck? Theres no way - not going to happen, had to pay for it myself.

Take it to a proper glass shop and have it replaced. Really there is no way of proving fault. You could claim it on your own insurance, but it likely isnt worth it! You deductable is probally the same as the cost of repair! If that car is of value to you have it fixed the right way - if not go the junkyard route.

Try speedy glass or similar established companies.
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Old 11-Jan-2010, 11:40 AM
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some people have windshield coverage on their cars. I doubt it covers side windows though.

Sorry man, glass is something that you gotta fork over yourself, unless you see someone deliberatly smash your window.

if a rock or road debris hits your car and smashes your window thats wear and tear as far as im concerned (and insurance im sure too why would you want to pay a 500 deductable on a window? and have your rates go up? no thanks)
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Old 11-Jan-2010, 08:32 PM
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Thanks Middlemiss & Silver EM, I tried forgetting about this incident now, and
make sure to not drive near large carrier with wood and mud and all that stuff...

My friend suggested to just pay for the repair from a local store so I called them
all before Xmas started.. One store owner asked "have I ask anyone else?" and
proceeded to raise an extra $100 because it's Xmas..
Finally I got a better deal shopping around, but still..

Thanks once again, need to drive smarter even after all these yrs of driving : )
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Originally Posted by Silver_EM View Post
some people have windshield coverage on their cars. I doubt it covers side windows though.

Sorry man, glass is something that you gotta fork over yourself, unless you see someone deliberatly smash your window.
The "windshield" coverage you're talking about is actually comprehensive coverage, and it covers more than just the windshield. It covers a lot of non-collision-related damage to your car, including all of your glass, storm and hail damage, and vandalism. Deductibles for comprehensive damage are often lower than collision deductibles.

Making a claim under comprehensive is not like claiming for collision damage. At worst you might lose your "no claims" discount, but that's usually only 10% at most and applies only to the comprehensive portion of your insurance rate. If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, check your insurance bill and see just how little that lost discount will hurt.

It's too late now, but assuming that the OP has comprehensive collision on his car, he should have looked around for a place that replaces glass without charging you some or any of your deductible. I once got both my windshield and my passenger side window replaced at the same time at no charge that way and no, my insurance rates did not rise.
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