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So who rides here?

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Originally Posted by Trybal View Post
Aww...FiveO always spoils it..Though id rather hear the truth and the facts.
Sorry about that.

The rider in the crash pic above lost at least one leg and maybe the other one as well. The payout on him is easily going to reach into the many hundreds of thousands of $ by the time all is said and counted. His passenger suffered serous internal injuries, and her payout too will reach into the hundreds of thousands of $. The two of them together will probably end up costing his insurance company over $1 million in initial medical costs, loss of wage benefits, long-term out-patient care, prosthetics, drugs, and on it goes.

Anyone here still considering driving or riding without insurance?

I'll bet that his motorcycle insurance premium was only around 1500 per year. He is 30, so assuming a maximum of 14 years of riding and with a slightly higher initial premium, he would have paid a total of about $25,000 at most into his insurance company over his riding career, and he probably won't pay any more in the future.

Guess who pays the difference between his 14 years of insurance premiums and what his insurance company will now ultimately end up paying for him and his passenger?

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FiveO, it hurts! lol Thanks for the heads up.

I'll definitely get plenty of rates before purchasing a bike.

I have no problem riding around with a bike. I have become much more cautious since viewing this vid.

YouTube - Crash Test 4x4 vs. Honda Civic Coupe 92
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I have a 2008 cbr 600rr among others
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07 gsxr 600
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I ride a 2003 CBR 600RR.
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Just started

Just started CBR
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I ride an R6
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All vintage japenese:

'77 yamaha RD 400
'77 yamaha XS 650
'70 yamaha R5
'72 Kawi triple
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stoney creek, 08 honda cbr1000 yellow
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garno is a wussssssssssss
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I ride.. Currently own 3 bikes:

2001 CBR600F4i, 1992 CBR250RR (Japanese Import), and a 2008 Ninja 250R.

I used to own a 1991 CBR600F2, and a 2000 CBR600F4.
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Originally Posted by syphon View Post
I ride.. Currently own 3 bikes:

2001 CBR600F4i, 1992 CBR250RR (Japanese Import), and a 2008 Ninja 250R.

I used to own a 1991 CBR600F2, and a 2000 CBR600F4.
Ha, you should check out! J/K. I just started my search for a CBR250 myself.
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i wanna get my license
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This morning I was seriously thinking about getting a motorcycle. I found a cool looking 1982 Honda Nighthawk 750, bought the motorcycle handbook, and convinced my parents it was going to be all good. I was going to write my knowledge test this week and go for motorcycle training at Humber in two weeks. Then I called an insurance company to find out about rates. I knew they were going to be high, but I was honestly thinking the total cost of owning a motorcycle would be less than a car.

They quoted my at $4353 after I pass my course or $6360 as I'm riding on my M1. I was disappointed and my ideas quickly faded. What do I have to do to get a cheaper rate?

Turn 25,
Get a less powerful bike (600cc or less)
What else?

I was honestly planning on riding this motorcycle like once a week just for fun and wouldn't go more than a kilometer. Is there such a thing as only liability insurance? Does your automobile driving experience reflect your rate?
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does either of your parents ride?
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Originally Posted by Tyson09 View Post
does either of your parents ride?
No. That's the first thing I would have done.
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I ride a 2004 R6.. havent rode much this summer.. maybe 1000km... pretty sad..
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2008 Suzuki GSXF650
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scar 2006 r6

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