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Bike Friendly Ontario Insurance People [2008 edition!]

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Bike Friendly Ontario Insurance People [2008 edition!]

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Bike Friendly Ontario Insurance People [2008 edition!]

Last Updates:
  • Jan 04/2008 - Started new thread for 2008!
  • Jan 16/2008 - Verified contact updates.
Preamble: This list was started in 2002 when I got into the bike scene. Everyone had their own person to call, and no one shared their list and therefore didn't know who to contact to get a better rate. I believe this is the most complete list for southern ontario insurance companies at the time. Enjoy. For updates, reply to the thread or send a private message.

*** WARNING: Insurance fraud is common!
Don't be an idiot: Don't give up your hard earned cash to someone without knowing if they're legitimate. ALL BROKERS HAVE AN OFFICE - DON'T MEET THEM IN A PARKING LOT AND PAY CASH! If you're dealing with a broker, make sure they are legit by searching RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) list by clicking the following link: http://www.ribo.com/co_license.cfm (I've also been informed by a few brokers that they'll have some kind of plaque saying they're valid members)

Online Quotes: All online quote systems are inaccurate, and just don't work for bikes - Don't waste your time with them. Call the company direct - it'll be faster and less headaches for you.

General notes about the list below:
- "License restrictions" usually means they won't insure you if you haven't had your license for a few years.
- "Bike restrictions" - if you're looking at a highend sport bike, they might not cover it.
- "Area restrictions" - They only do certain areas of Southern Ontario.

-- Insurance Companies that deal direct (ie: not through brokers)

Primmum - http://www.primmum.com
Tel: 1 800 816 9618 (new quotes)
Tel: 1 866 466 5276 (client services)
Note: The baseline bike coverage. They'll pretty well cover anyone and anything, but you might do better!

RBC Insurance - http://www.rbcinsurance.com
Tel: 1-877-749-7224 (M-F 8-
Note: Some license restrictions.

PC Financial Insurance - http://www.pcinsurance.ca
Tel: 1-866-660-9035 (M-F 8-8, S 10-4)
Note: Area and License restrictions.

-- Insurance Brokers
Brokers can go to many insurance companies to find the best deal for you - although some don't deal with all the insurance companies, so sometimes you need to contact a few brokers. Also, insurance companies can deal direct or via Agents.

Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) - association - http://www.ibao.org
Broker Listing: http://www.ibao.org/html/find_a_broker/index.asp
This is the member association of independant brokers and set out guidelines for behaviour. Your broker should be a member of this organization. They do not determine or dictate which insurance companies the members deal with though.

GRCS-Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd - broker - http://www.csib.org
Note: Contact info verified Jan 2008
Note: Purchased 'Michael Kaspard & Son Insurance Brokers LTD.'
Offices: Mississauga
Phone: 905 822 9665 ( old: 905 277 4158 )
Fax: 905 822 3756
Motorcycle specialists:
- Jerry Kaspard x232 (email: [email protected])
- Andrew DaSilva x225

Holman Insurance - broker - http://www.holmanins.com
Note: Contact info verified Jan 2008
Offices: Markham
Tel: 905 886 5630
Motorcycle Specialists:
- Avi Singh x1391 - direct: 416 936 6171 (email: [email protected])

John Duffy Insurance Brokers Ltd. - broker - http://www.johnduffyinsurance.com
Offices: Markham
Tel: 905 479 2013
Note: Does lots of bikes
Contact: Brian

JD Smith - broker - http://www.motorcycleinsurance.ca
Tel: 905 764 7868
Note: Specializes in Motorcycles

Riders Plus - broker - http://www.ridersplus.com
Tel: 416 251 1447 (M-F 9-5)
Note: Specializes in Motorcycles

Dan Lawrie - broker - http://www.danlawrie.com
Tel: 905 681 2766 (burlington) 1 905 525 7259 (hamilton)
Note: Hamilton based company.

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited - broker - http://www.all-risks.com
Offices: Windsor
Tel: 866 877 4194
Contact: Josh Lazarus (email: [email protected])

Murtaugh Smith Financial - broker - http://www.ontarioinsurancequotes.net
Contact: Robin Aldrich
Tel: 416 461 6474 / 1 800 465 5052
Note: Website is for bikers.
Note: Alt website: http://www.msfinancial.ca/en/

Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. - broker - http://www.cibi.ca
Contact: Corrine Hamilton - email: [email protected]
Tel: 416 486 0951
Note: Tell her Jason referred you.

Easyway Insurance Brokers Inc. - broker - http://www.easywayinsurance.ca
Contact: Joey McRae (x305 - Markham)
Offices: Mississauga (HQ), Mississauga, Markham, Burlington, Cambridge, Ottawa
Tel: 1 888 206 6550 (HQ), 1 866 217 6145 (Markham), 905 362 0740 (Mississauga), 310 3929 (Cambridge)

Tribute Insurance Brokers Inc. - broker - http://www.tributeinsurance.com
Offices: Burlington
Tel: 905 681 6977

Orr & Forster - broker - http://www.orrandforster.com
Offices: King City
Contact: Elizabeth
Tel: 905 833 6691

Signature Insurance Brokers Inc. - broker - http://www.ilap.com/signature/
Offices: Mississauga
Tel: 905 625 8200

Dalton-Timmis Group Inc. - broker - http://www.daltontimmis.com
Notes: Online Quote submission form
Offices: Hamilton (main), Burlington
Tel: 905 527 1177, 1 888 385 8466 (Hamilton)
Tel: 905 633 9019 (Burlington)

Private Client Services - broker - http://pcs-insurance.com
Notes: Jevco mainly
Tel: 1 800 265 2196

Wiesner Insurance - broker - no website
Offices: Toronto and other areas.
Tel: 416 498 6101

Agincourt Insurance Brokers - broker - no website
Contact: Jim Braun
Tel: 416 299 9658
Fax: 416 299 9032

Murray Hoffman Insurance & Real Estate Ltd - broker - no website
Contact: Mary Ann Naccarato
Tel: 416 736 9066
Fax: 416 736 8556

Ensurco - broker - no website
Offices: Toronto, Markham
Contact: Harry
Tel: (Tor) 416 324 2811 - (Mkh) 905 471 3100

Waters Insurance - broker - no website
Tel: 416 291 1097

Murray Jackson - broker - no website
Contact: Gord Young (x303 [email protected])
Tel: 416 488 2214

Govier M P Insurance Brokers - broker - no website
Offices: Kitchener
Tel: 519 578 0252

-- Agents of companies
I list these separately so that you realize it's an individual office, but not actually the insurance company. It's complicated, so ask them to explain their relationship with the Insurance Company they represent.

State Farm Insurance - Agent
Office: Stouffville, ON
Tel: 905 642 4546
Contact: Margot Bai

-- Companies that sell through agents/brokers only (Ie: Not direct to you)
These are the actual insurance companies that do the policies - this is more of an informational listing - you need to find a broker that deals with them.

-- Verified to do bikes

State Farm (via agents only) - http://www.statefarm.ca
Note: Contact your local agent/broker! (Got one? Post their info!)
Broker Search: http://www.statefarm.ca/ca/jscript/easysrch.htm

Kingsway General Insurance (via agents only) - http://www.kingsway-general.com
Note: Contact your local agent/broker!
Note*1: Insures more than 25% of the motocycles in Ontario!
Broker Search: See website for complete listing

Royal Sun Alliance (via brokers) - http://www.royalsunalliance.ca
Note: Contact your local agent/broker
Broker Search: http://www.royalsunalliance.ca/royal...sonal_comm.asp

ING Canada (via brokers) - http://www.ingcanada.com/en/ing-insurance.html
aka: Nordic Insurance (name for facility insurance)

Jevco (via brokers only) - http://www.jevco.ca
Note: Contact your local broker!
Note*1: Insures about 7% of the motorcycle market.
Broker Search: No direct listing. (Uses IBAO - see above)

Wawanesa Insurance (via brokers only) - http://www.wawanesa.com
Note: Contact your local broker!
Broker Search: http://www.wawanesa.com/insure_fbroker.asp

Elite Insurance Company
aka: Aviva Canada Elite
Note: Only is doing classic, custom (show) and cruiser bikes.

Echelon General Insurance Company (via agents/brokers only) - http://www.echelon-insurance.ca
Note: Works with Cooperator's Group agents in addition to brokers.
Broker Search: http://www.echelon-insurance.ca/broker_search.php
Agent Search: http://www.cooperators.ca/group/engl...r/content.html

-- Unverified

Aviva (via agents only) - http://www.avivacanada.com
Note: Contact your local agent/broker!
Note: Doesn't do personal coverage any more - only corporate.
Note: Changed name from CGU Group Canada
Broker Search: (link on homepage)

Pilot Insurance (via brokers only) - http://www.pilot.ca
Note: Contact your local agent/broker!
Note: Must have other items (car, etc) with them as well.
Note: Very Restrictive list of bikes.

Citadel General Assurance Co. (via brokers only) - http://www.citadel.ca
Note: Contact your local broker!
Broker Search: http://www.citadel.ca/english/ehome/ehome.asp

Allstate (via brokers only) - http://www.allstate.ca
Note: Contact your local broker!
Broker Search: http://allstate.infonow.net/bin/find...NT_ID=ALLSTATE

-- Companies listed below were mentioned in passing (ie: other threads),
-- but I am unable to find any real info on them. Post it if you have any info!
-- They may not provide motorcycle insurance, or may provide it through
-- a brokers, or have simply stopped providing it. Your milage may vary.

Traders General
Tel: ? -
Note: Deals through brokers

Dominion of Canada
Note: Deals through brokers

The Co-Operators Group
Note: Deals through brokers

-- Parent Company Ownership.
-- Ever wonder why different companies have the same attitude?

Meloche Monnex Inc. - http://www.melochemonnex.com
Note: Holding company owned by TD Canada Trust.
Note: Listing: http://www.melochemonnex.com/en/legal
Note: They own the following insurance companies:
  • Meloche Monnex Insurance and Financial Services Inc. - Only does deals with professional/alumni associations.
  • Security National Insurance - Main Underwriters for Meloche Monnex.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance - http://www.libertymutual.ca
    Note: Recently acquired by Meloche Monnex. May do bikes.
  • TD Home and Auto Insurance Company - Doesn't do bikes.
  • Primmum Insurance Company - See main listing above.
  • Others - http://www.melochemonnex.com/en/legal
Kingsway Financial Group Aviva Canada - http://www.avivacanada.com -- Links to other related information

CVMG - Canadian Vintage Motocycle Group
Main: http://www.cvmg.ca/
If you've got an old bike (like 25+ years), contact these nice guys - lots of stuff specifically for vintage bikes.

-- End of List
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wow... way to rip this right off of GTAM.
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so whats your point it helps and i am not takeing credit for this
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you failed to give credit to where its due.
It's no biggie... just thought it would be fair.

excuse my poor choice of words
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Originally Posted by fingolfin View Post
you failed to give credit to where its due.
It's no biggie... just thought it would be fair.

excuse my poor choice of words

cmon dude.. he's just trying to help out the bike section.
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np its just a little help to all riders

no offence taken and again no credit taken for this it is just a cut and paste.
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