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CV Boots

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CV Boots

How easy or hard is it to change the CV boots on a civic? what did it cost you...?

Can I do it with ramps, or will I NEED a hoist?

thanks all!
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I dont think you should be tackling this job if you think "ramps" can be used LOL First off the wheels need to be removed so ramps are outta the question. You need a jack with stands. The lower balljoint needs to be dropped which is the hardest part without proper tools. After that its simple.
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all you need to do to crack the lower ball joint loose is get a big hammer (BFH if you will) and smack the LCA on the front side where the balljoint goes through it. There is a little tab (excess of casting) where you should hit the lca. Turn the wheel to the left or pull the left side of the rotor to make some room and to expose this tab i speak of.
doing so may result in a busted balljoint or damaged threads or whatever.
And you will need a little prybar or big screwdriver to pop the axle out of the tranny. And you will also need to remove the 17mm bolt that holds the shock fork to the lower control arm. Remove the axle nut and axle from the hub. Once you pop the axle out of the tranny push down on the LCA so you can slide the axle through the bottom of the shock fork. Oh you will also need a 32mm socket to remove the axle nut so you can get the axle out of the hub.
If you have to do this without an impact gun i highly recommend doing removing the axle nut while the car is still on its wheels on the ground. It just makes it easier to torque on that 32mm nut. Have someone step on the brakes while you break it loose using a breaker bar/johnson bar and a piece of pipe for an extension. The handle of a 2.5-3 ton jack usually works for this.
Now for the actual rebuild of the axle. Its not that hard. I presume this is on the side that goes into the tranny.
Remove the metal straps holding the boot down. Remove boot and outer joint spline thingy (great term eh? the part that goes into the tranny) and that will expose this Y shaped thing with bearings on the end of each post, that and a bunch of grease.
Keep note of which way the bearings go onto the posts. Remove the bearings and inspect.
Now clean it up real nice then slide the new boot over the posts. This part kinda sucks, it just takes a little patience. Once you get the new boot on the shaft, grease the bearings and put them back on the posts (make sure to note their orientation) and pack the Y shaped post things with grease and put some grease in the outer joint spline thingy and put it on back on.
Struggle to get the greasy messy boot over the outer joint spline thingy and then put the new metal straps onto both ends of the boot.
Install the new axle and enjoy not having to have bought a new axle. Mind you this only works if the actual joint isn't infected and messed up.
Damn, i wrote a this helps.
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