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what setup should i go for

Old 22-May-2005, 12:29 PM
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what setup should i go for

I have a B16a with a 1.5 LSD B16 tranny (lightwheel flywheel)
Header + CatBack fully 2.5"
AEM pully

should i use my

1. B16 head and swap a LS block, and keep it stock

2. B16 head and B20 Block, keep it stock like that

3. b16a with Toda B cams + Toda Cam gears + Springs/retainer + VAFC

4. a Supercharger but run it safe like 6-7 psi

5. or a Turbo Charge in safe mode again

my budget is around 2000-3000
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Old 22-May-2005, 12:39 PM
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save your money, why mess with a good thing
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Old 22-May-2005, 02:01 PM
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Don't you DARE put some crap non-vtec block under your B16. Your throwing your rod stroke ratio off and Ruining your reliability.
Sure it can be reliable if done right but those bottom end's were never built to take High rev abuse. Boost it. 6psi will still make good power because the Compression ratio is so high. But if your that adamant about more displacement then jsut get a Crower Stroker Kit. At least then you'll have a durable bottom end that will take the Abuse that high rev's dish out.
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Old 27-May-2005, 10:10 PM
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just do an h22 swap... if you sold your current b16 you'd have more then enough money to budget that... nice power and honda reliability
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Old 28-May-2005, 12:49 PM
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If you want more Displacement I say stroker kit because when you buy the Kit you get Forged rods. But if your budget is only $2-3000 you are kind of limited. And B16 civic, Why would Honda have spent all that extra money on Decreasing Displacement for there Vtec engine's?They could have jsut beefed up the LS bottom end and added the squirter's and Girdle right? I mean it would have made more power. but they didn't. BECAUSE OF R/S RATIO!!. Cars' have to be durable and last warranty.If its a fully built motor than its a Non issue. Were talking stock blocks here. Even though the R/S ratio is only slightly different from a GSR to an LS block it still make's a world of Difference. Well Magic guy, you can listen to who you want. An LS/Vtec has ton's of potential and make's good power. But if its your everyday car id side against it. If its done right it shoudl be fine. But I'll stick with my B16 for Durability reasons.
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