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Vortex generator

Old 29-Jul-2005, 09:33 PM
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Vortex generator

what are your views on this?
seems kinda B/S but i figured i would ask you guys and see if you have had any experience with a product like this

"**This item was specifically designed to create a vortex (spiraling funnel of air) inside your intake tube allowing the air to travel faster to your motor.**

This Product design has proven to give your car up to 15% more horsepower, as well as increase fuel effeciency by up to 30%. Personally when installed one on our vehicles, there was a noticeable increase in low end power and a 25% increase in gas mileage (20mpg up to 25mpg). With Gas being so expensive, this could pay for itself in no time with gas savings alone.

Studies have shown stationary vortex generators greatly increase an engines airflow and fuel atomization for more horsepower (up to 15%) and better fuel effeciency (up to 30% increase). The idea is simple, spiraling air moves with greater velocity and efficiency through a cars intake tract. More air=More power, its that simple. Additionally the spiraling air atomizes the fuel better allowing for more complete combustion. Your cars computer reads the changes and compensates by eliminating excess fuel delivery, resulting in better fuel effeciency. Also, beleive it or not, vehicles with Auto Trans will shift smoother than ever

Sure you have seen similar products on TV or in your local auto store for an outrageous $79 or more. And the truth is They work too, but why pay more than 2 times as much for the same results. Our product is Precision CNC Fabricated from Stainless Steel, is ultra high quality and will outlast your car!!! This item is NOT Handcut or Home made! You can keep the same one and use it for the rest of your cars life. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee!!! Send it back within 30 days from when YOU get it IN YOUR HANDS, and we will refund your money (minus S&H), no questions asked."
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someone with a physics background in fluid dynamics should be able to tell you, a thingy that looks like that isn't going to generate a vortex.

wanna do a test on your own without using computer simulation software??

take a pop can. make something that looks like that peice of ebay turd. except make it so that it can fit inside an empty roll of toilet paper. stick it into the roll of toilet paper and then find yourself a cigarette or a smoker. have them enjoy a smoke and blow the smoke through your little experiment. do it someplace where there is no wind, like inside your garage. look at the smoke coming out of the other end? is it twirling into a vortex??

also lemme ask you this?? when a tornado forms in the atmosphere, do you see a giant "vortex generator" floating around? no, because air and other fluids do what they do best.... take the path of least resistance. you can't force air into a vortex.... all you are doing is imposing a restriction on it by putting that into your intake.


hahaha.... and this should be pretty funny if you are a nerd like me.

say you get this magical vortex generating device to work perfectly. you get the most perfect vortex of air travelling through your intake tube. then SMACK!!! it hits the throttle plate and the party is over. all that vortexing for nothing LOL

even with the throttle wide open the plate is horizontal and will break up your precious lil vortex. the air will still have the same resistance to travel through including the 'rough' surface of the intake plenum and runners, then through the intake ports, over the valves.

if a 50 cent peice of tin could increase mileage, every car company would toss it in, just so they can get the competitive advantage in fuel economy. i mean the avalanche is rated at 11 MPG city... ELEVEN!!
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Old 29-Jul-2005, 11:24 PM
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good way to describe why these things don't work....couldn't have said it better myself.
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Old 30-Jul-2005, 07:36 AM
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good to know hahahaha
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haha, thats crappy, knew it was too good to be true... damn crooks
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