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Shops That Swap

Old 21-Apr-2005, 11:48 PM
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Shops That Swap

I serached swaps and K20 and I could not find what I'm looking for, if i missed it sorry point me in the right directions. I'm getting a new car, that will be a daily driver and reliable, so I'm deciding to pick up a project this summer. It will more than likely be a 92-96 HB, possibly a coupe but HB is definate first choice. I was wondering what shop can get me an engine/tranny everything I need and swap it into my car. Would it be wise to paint the car before or after the swap? What engine would be best, everyone talks about how expensive the k20's are, and i hear good and bad about h22's. I'm looking for high hp, modifiable, reasonable priced, what I can get the most out of, and possibly turbo. All opinions are very welcome, I'd love to hear about any and all possibilities.
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Old 21-Apr-2005, 11:51 PM
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b18c and turbo it. you said its a project car right...well...ever made a turbo honda yet. you only live once, if you got the green why not make the toy. do whatever you've always wanted to do, if you've wanted 18" rims but never bothered, then buy your 18" rims. its your toy man, build it to what you want it to be.
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Old 22-Apr-2005, 12:25 AM
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it'd be hard to keep your a/c and ps with the K series in a 92-95 platform but most likely you're not going to be able to keep it. if it matters anyways. i'd say B18C1 and turbo it! hey are running turbos on ur daily car in the winter a very bad thing? like would it f*ck my car up bad as soon as it starts snowing. (sorry for getting side tracked!!!)
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contact splitfire performance in brampton
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K20 engine in itself, isn't that much more expensive compare to B18C5. What is expensive is you need custom exhaust manifold, K-pro (or other computer), drive axles, special engine mounts (Hasport) and shifter (maybe some other things I forgot). These "accessories" add up to a good chunk of money - might be even more than a regular B16. Plus labour and the whole 9 yard, that is one tough bitch to satisfy.

If you want thorough answers, visit Honda Tech. If you want more on K20, visit
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I would look at getting a K20 or maybe even K24 into an eg hatch with no power steering or AC. The swap will probably cost u anywhere from $1500-2500, then the extras is where the cost adds up. U need a custom header, K-pro , axles , mounts , wiring harness plus labour and other little things. If your pretty mechanically inclined and u wanna take ur time this would be an awesome project to take on.

As for painting the car, if ur dropping in like a b series or wutever than get the engine bay atleast painted before u drop the engine in. If your putting like an H series or K series in test fit the engine with the mounts beforehan and make all the adjustments to the engine bay that u need to and then pull it out and have the bay painted.

Ideally u should grab a 92-95 vx or cx hatchback without an engine and start from there.
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go k-series for sure....they respond killer to bolt ons.
Sure you'll pay out the a$$ to get it in your car, but it'll be worth it.
Another good option is b18c5 and a few bolt ons....its an easy swap into an EG and also a great platform to start with. I mean you'll have reliability, you'll have power, and best of all once you start modifying it people will be all over the stock parts you are replacing.
Either way....happy swapping.
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Thanks for all your help, I looked at that, most helpful thing i've ever read. They had step by step instructions and a checklist of parts needed even. I got something to shoot for, k20 eg in 06
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