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rims + lowering (need help/want advice)

Old 29-May-2007, 03:13 PM
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rims + lowering (need help/want advice)

hey guys, i was thinking of lowering my car and getting rims soon. Its a 98 civic ex, 4 doors.

I am not sure what size rims/ tires will be the best fit with the lowering. I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction. Also, what sort of total cost am i looking at here?
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Old 29-May-2007, 03:24 PM
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for lowering this is what I eventually did after much debate and many people[50/50] will disagree or agree with it, but heres my preferences for what i did

- not alot of money
- dont mind ride quality if its a lil ruff compared to stock
- like it low fromthe lip or side skirts to the ground
- dont care about wheel gap

i went eith tein s techs lowering springs which are about 2 inches drop 1.8 and settles to about 2 inches. on my 14 inch rims there was 1 or 1.5 gap from wheel but i didnt mind everything else was sitting nice and low to the ground but u have to take it easy on exits entrances and bumps with a lip or ull scrape but otherwise its all worth it

for summer rims n tires, no bigger then 16" for 16s for steering like turns its nice with 205x45x16 i would go with 40 profile for a lower height bc i like it low but it looks good not too big not too small.

you will notice with the wider 205 tire from my stock 14" width that when braking sometimes at a light and where there are cracks or uneveness in the road the car will naturally steer left or right which means u must keep a stern hold of the wheel other then that the grip is better and handling on faster turns is nicer and it looks good

Cost for teins were about 150 or 160 i think around there no tax
lowering plus bushings will cost about 150 for labor and bushings extra if u need to get them replaced which are usualyl about $15-$20 i think but you can arrange with the mechanic to get a price which will include any bushings needing to be replaced or i know of a place that can do it for good which i goto.

so loweing $300-$350 worth every penny

Tire cost
rims depends i got mine for 699 16" ddrag wheels tires falken 512s you should be able to get about $460-$490 installed

I recommend goign for tein s techs jus the springs no new shocks unless ur picky, but i am picky but also not a crazy spender so im perfectly fine with my stock shocks and s techs after about 2 year and i carry alot of luggage and have 2 kids under 3 and its still been perfectly fine. If u want the best ride and dont care about money someone can help u.

LMK if you have any more questions as im glad to help
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Old 29-May-2007, 03:35 PM
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thanks for the detailed reply...yes i care about money, im a university student that only works during summers (atm)

i dont want too much gap between the tires and wheel well
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if you're gonna go 2" drop get some shocks...dont be a dummy spend the money
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^ bahaha agreed
even if you can only afford some Tokico HP's
cause either way your going to have to buy better shocks once your blow... and they will at 2"
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i got h&r sports with kyb agx shocks, ride is pretty comfortable, doesnt feel like a lowered car. for rims and tires i went with 15" wheels (konig helium) and 195/55/15 tires, fronts rub a little and the fenders will need to be rolled, you shouldnt have that problem since 98 civics can take bigger wheels/tires. definitely get some shocks.
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Old 30-May-2007, 02:01 PM
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hmm i remember finding some site where you put in your car, make and model, and it told you what size rim/tire would fit well..but does that information apply when the car is lowered...

so with that said, what would be the total cost including decent shocks and lowering springs, as well as installation (and this is all i need right?)

as you can see, i'm new to this..:P
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upgrade the shocks..or u will be paying again for the labour of changing them when they blow..and trust me driving a lowered car on toronto street with stock shocks u will blow them.
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the components i mentioned minus wheels and tires cost me 1000 installed.
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