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problem with coilovers & wheels plz help

Old 23-Mar-2006, 02:36 PM
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problem with coilovers & wheels plz help

hey guys i bought a 94 integra ls last summer. it already came lowered and all so i bought it and without knowing a lot about the aftermarket i screwed myself over bc now im experiencing major problems. 1st of all i put on my winter tires on at the end of oct. and when i went to get my brakes redone in end of jan. i noticed that ONLY the front tires were bald but only on the inside. could this be b/c of the alignment and my wheels being tilted? secondly my ride is really bumpy, when i drive i can feel every little bump and i begin to jump in my seat b/c its so sensitive. my friends have coilovers and its not as bumpy as mine so i know theres some sort of problem. could it be that my back ones are gone? ne suggestions on what i should do/buy would be greatly appreciated thx =).
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Old 23-Mar-2006, 02:46 PM
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Yea your tires are wearing down to the drop of the car. Get a camber kit and that will fix it.

about the ride being can be that the shocks are going out, or if your lowered on coilover sleeves with stock shocks then that could be the problem.

save up and pickup a full coilover suspension setup, like omni/tein/d2.
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Old 24-Mar-2006, 12:16 PM
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Your ride being bumpy and not your friends could be due to different spring rates. If by bumpy you mean that it is like really harsh, then you might have higher rates than the other one u have been in.
If by bumpy you mean that it keeps bouncing after you go over a bump then it could be your shocks.
And ya, sounds like your tires have camber wear, get a camber kit.
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Old 24-Mar-2006, 12:31 PM
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camber kit.

i also think it could be stock shocks but only you'll know when you check it out....that's if it bounces for a bit after the bump.
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Mis-aligned toe settings will also cause wear on the insides of the tires.

Most coilovers in general have much higher spring rates then those of regular lowering springs.
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The tire wear can also be due to 'toe-out'.

Your ride is bumpy because your car is lowered on what are most likely P.O.S. coilover sleeves and stock struts. Buy better suspension and it will be a better ride, nbot necessarily less bumpy though...In general, a Lowered Car = a Bumpy Ride.
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thx for all the replies... im looking to buy a camber kit now to fix this asap .. if anybody knows whos selling or where i can pick one up for a good price let me know plz. is there any way i can change the spring rates? or how does that work?
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Old 25-Mar-2006, 12:19 PM
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I haven't heard of changing the spring rate without changing the springs.

As for the camber kit, you might want to get an alignment first just to be sure that it is camber wear, not toe-in like what was also suggested as a possibility. But you will need an alignment anyway because the camber kits are adjustable (usully 5 degrees or something) so to have it set correctly you need an alignment.
I know optionjdm sells them, they are an affiliate of the site so their information is under affiliates.
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