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Minimize Engine Idling Sound

Old 17-May-2007, 05:24 PM
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Minimize Engine Idling Sound

When my car is idling and i rev it, i can hear spring vibration like sounds, they go away completely when i am driving or when my clutch engages engine. The sound is normal, but i was told that if i open the valve cover and tighten some bolts, the engine will be much quieter (like new) when idling... Does anyone know which bolts i have to tighten? my car has 150 kms...
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if you have to ask, then you need to go to a shop. they are talking about valve lash and if you are new to fixing your car its definitly not a job i would take on yourself. i would get a second opinion from someone who has experience before you go screwing with your engine.
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Old 17-May-2007, 07:00 PM
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im with steve. It could be a few things making that noise.. injector slap, valve lash, even your BE. Take it to a professional. I would not recommend 'opening the valve cover and tightening bolts" this is the type of thinking that costs you a new head
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Old 11-Jun-2007, 11:23 PM
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I am interested in the clutch aspect of this problem. Answer me this question. If you are idling, and you have your foot on the clutch, do you hear the noise??

I ask this cause a bad clutch can be the cause of it. It may not be worn but the springs maybe bad within the clutch it self. try this test and let me know

Park somewhere and perform test. (do not drive while doing this test)

1. Set the transmission in neutral and take foot of the clutch.

2. press and hold the clutch down and listen for the noise. (If its the clutch you should hear the noise then it will disappear after a few seconds.)

(if you hear the noise as described repeat test except follow step 3 below)

3. press and hold down clutch. If you hear the noise, quickly put it in to first gear while still holding down the clutch. If it is the clutch the sound will immediately go away when you put it in first gear.

This test is also used to determine if you have a faulty tranny. But the spring like sound would be more consistent with a bad clutch.

If you do this test and the noise is still there, then you need to look at a potential problem with your engine.

It could be valve lash like mentioned above
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also 1 thing, bad springs within the clutch can also cause difficult shifting of gears under driving conditions. Are you experiencing any of that??
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