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hey folks,

I'm looking at puting in either GSR engine or V-Tech into my car (1995 Honda Civic Dx).

Which one would you recommend and how much would it cost to put it in. (swaps as well).
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better put on your flame-retardant suit.
GSR (b18c1) is DOHC VTEC (no H).
Unless you mean the si engine the d16z6 SOHC VTEC.
GSR is a great choice for 95 civic. You can use all stock mounts (a combination of yours and integra ones) and del sol shift linkage.
And if you can manage to find an obd1 b18c1 then you will really be laughing.
Look to spend at least $3000-4000 for engine/tranny, ecu, axels, mounts, linkage. And probably anywhere between $600-1000 for install.
Take it from me, while the engine is out change the water pump/timing belt and clutch if you can afford it.
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V-Tech phones are NOT my first choice...they suck

but can a car run off a battery operated cordless phone? hmm
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the price difference is huge. lol i suggest you do some research before coming back with that question.
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r u serious?
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Maybe you should at least edit the title of this post.

B18C is a GSR engine (vtec) and there's a D series which also has vtec. I think you should do some research.

Unless you just want to install a VTECH phone in your car. I think Toy R Us sells vtech phone.
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single most retarded post i've probably ever read. hands down.

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Originally posted by crvtecEG
better put on your flame-retardant suit.

h22a > b18c
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poor guy. everyone is being so mean....

dude research is best done before doing something this expensive. you probably think your doing that but.....this is a question that gets asked way to much, so we tell people to use the search button.
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Originally posted by dazednconfuzed
single most retarded post i've probably ever read. hands down.

poor guy....

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This thread is so stupid/uneducated/pointless the guy obviously doesnt know a thing about Honda's...........IBTL
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this thread should be in the chit-chat section as a "retarded joke of a day"...

well, to answer your question, i would go with a GSR... motor alone would be around 3000-3500... 700-1000 for installation i guess...

well, to drop in a vtech in your car, i would say, do it yourself, its not that hard... but i wouldn't be pimping with a vtech in my car....

tell you a lil secret "don't do a swap, do a SEARCH!"

please close this thread! haha
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Posts: 3,383, what a welcome commitee!!..hahaha
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