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hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me with my ecu.. i swapped a b16 dohc vtec into my hatch but i used the factory harness(non vtec).. the guy who swapped it left the vtech wires comming from the engine unhooked and in the engine bay dangling... so im wondering if anyone would have a diagram or anything or could tell me to where they go on the ecu..

thanks for the help
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dude... i wouldn't be driving around if a b16 is running a d-series program... you need a vtech ecu with a b16 program on it... you will need a conversion harness too...

pm zeeman or something... he is great with chips and chipping ecus... he can just modify your p28 (that should be what you have) to run a burnt chip and he can burn you a stock b16 program...then you will have vtec as loing as u plug vtec in.
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Here you go...

For your ECU feel free to come in or give us a call and we can set you up with proper fuel maps for your engine and chip your ecu for vtec.

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oooor teknotik of course^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

they helped me out with chips a few times before and so much other stuff...
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well if he has a obd1 p30 he'll be ok, but he'll need to wire up a knock sensor (1 wire to D3).
Otherwise getting your ecu chipped to use the proper program is a definate must and can be done for under $100, where as buying a p30 will prolly cost at least $200.
I'm in hamilton, pm me if you need any chipping/tuning done, i'll be glad to help you out.
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