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Okay so I searched this topic before posting but got bored after looking at the first 4 pages so if you knwo this has been asked before, than dont flame... but post the link to the thread!

I'm looking at lowering my 98 Civic Si Coupe. In the past I have lowered an Ek hb on just H&R sports and have lowered my CRX on KYB AGX struts and H&R race springs. Both have not met my standards for obvious reasons.

-The H&R sports on stock struts was obviously a poor choice. Sure it lowered my vehicle but it did so "cheaply" offering a very soft ride and within no time blew out my OEM struts..

-The AGX's and Race springs were a big improvement but still were not that great for daily driving. They seamed to be too stiff and I would very commonly experience wheel hop. Also asthetically the AGXs wouldnt allow the car to settle as low as the springs would normally allow. After purchasing this set up I learned that many people with the same suspension were annoyed at how high their car still sat!...

So I'm now looking into buying my first set of coilovers!... Ive been looking at a few different brands but have obviously found that this is a big budget part. I want something that is good on a daily driver but still handles great on fast hard turns. So far (because of my budget) I have been looking at entry level coilovers such as the:

-Omnipower- [COLOR=blue]I've heard that these are a pretty low end coilover that really havnt been proven to last that long. Really other than that I havn't heard that much about them!

-Tein Basics- EVERYONE has basically told me to stay away from these. Apart from the fact that they will physically lower your car, they seam to be VERY soft. And although I want a good ride quality I dotn want it to handle too loosely!

-D2- I have heard great things about these coilovers. Apparently they offer alot of options such as:
*36 way dampening
*pillow ball mounts with camber plates
*teflon coated threads (altho I think thats standard)
-I have heard in some applications that they take a bit more time to install and as I have read in other forums, need some minor modifications to fit properly.

-Tein SS- Now apparently these seam to be the best way to go, yet they are much more expensive than the previous options. I think I would only go this route if there were no other options in the lower price rnage!

Anyways any feedback/ opinions would be great as this is one of the most important decisions that I have to make for my ride!

thankyou in advance!

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i have heard great things about the PIC coilovers, im picking up a set for my car in about a week, from Teknotik they are about the same price as the omnis, everyone using them on here has had nothing but good things to say about them check out there website....
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Im using kyb gas shocks and coilovers. i love them no problems great ride fully adjustable, no wheel hop at the track. 600 for parts.
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koni yellow and ground control
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koni red with skunk coilovers, loved them.

It all goes down to spring rate and adjustible dampners. An adjustible shock give great versatility, spring rate is the harder part to guess what you want.
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i cant imagine why your experience with AGX shocks was not a positive one. they are pretty good based on everyone who has used them....

for my ek, i am going with tokico illuminas with either H&R sport or Tein Stech.
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The Best thing you can do if your still doing research is check out Honda-Tech.

They have alot more info on Coilovers and dyno sheets on how each run. There is also alot more systems then those you have listed.

Also dont forget about coilover combos such as "ontariorider" stated w/ his reply of Koni Yellows and Ground Control.

Look around at a bunch of sites and you may also find combo deals w/ full coilovers/camberkits/LCA's for a good price.

Heres a link to an affordable combo right now.

JHPUSA Combo Deal
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by 98hatch
Also dont forget about coilover combos such as "ontariorider" stated w/ his reply of Koni Yellows and Ground Control.

Yeah but i dont want coil-sleeves... I dont like them. I believe that is what he was talking about. Koni Yellow shocks with coil sleeves... I have thought about going that route in the past and have talked to many people and the overall concencess is that coil-sleeves are bunk!...

And I didn't like the AGXs because they were to stiff... they would be useless on the track at any setting... even on the street they would "hop"... plus they dont "physically" lower your vehicle as much as what the springs say they will... my H&R race springs looked like sports when matched with the KYBs....
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Anyone heard of Ksport?... what do yah guys think of them?
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I'm an H&R fan personally. I've had their springs on almost every car I've owned. Thier full coilover suspension is supposed to be great. I'm considering them for my new Si.

Megan Racing full coilovers are another one I'm researching. I know a few 7th Gen Civic owners who love them.

Tein SS has lots of good reviews too.
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I have KYB AGX and Tein S.Tech on my car. The stance is great on my car, I have no idea what is meant by "the AGX wont let the car sit low enough." I also went with this combonation because track although being a consideration isn't a top priority. Therefore I wasn't willing to pay the 1200-1500 for a set of real adjustable coilovers.

That being said, out of your choices I'd say go for the Tein SS. Plenty of people who have had em for years which is a good from a durability standpoint. You can mess with the dampening to dial the right amount of firmess and of course they are height adjustable. Plus Tein has that EDFC thing so you can adjust the dampening on the fly from inside (If you want that).
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pic's at teknotik.

great coils
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i just put a set of omni's in my car last weekend... i never heard they crap out quick

they were stiff as hell tho, i had to loosen the shock out to not need a mouth guard to drive my car. so if u deicde to go for thoes it's easy to find a nice balance with good handleing.. got them from optionjdm and they came with pillowball mounts, and there was no shipping, and no GST.
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I have Yonaka coilovers, for the price I'm very happy with them, I don't have any understeer problems that alot of people(who never owned them) seem to associate with them because of the difference in front-rear spring rates (they're the same rates buddy club uses on their street setup). It's possible that they might understeer a little, but I have a large rear sway bar to look after it, for street use I think they're great value. I've heard only great things about PIC also.
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I think I'm going with the buddy club coilovers... i was quoted 950... too good to pass up!
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Originally posted by geoch_09
I think I'm going with the buddy club coilovers... i was quoted 950... too good to pass up!
that's pretty cheap for buddy club's, I'd get those too if I were you
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PIC's from teknotik....

heard nothing but great things.
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Re: Coilovers...

Endless Zeal B6!:>
also Ohlins
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