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Blew my Head gasket. please help me decide what to do.

Old 22-Mar-2007, 07:28 PM
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Blew my Head gasket. please help me decide what to do.

Hi everyone,

Two dasy ago just as my 1994 civic CX (d15b7) hit 250,000 km my head gasket blew. i stillmanaged to drive it home, but now it is hydrolocked with coolant in the motor.

Here are my options:

1) Replace the head witha d16z6 head from a scrap yard. with z6 head gasket? or y8 gasket??

2) my friend will sell me his 1998 civic cx witha d16y7 around 170,000 km. It is a write off, the front end mangled. The motor seems fine tho. However it is an automatic tranny, i have a 5spd tranny.. wtill the d16y7 motor work wwith my tranny? he will give me the car for $400, and i can part it out as needed. How difficult is it to convert to obd 2? the wiring harness, ecu, distributor is all in the 1998 civic.

3) get a jdm d15b swap ( i want to avoid this as i am broke adn need to car to get to work)

My goal is to fix it to a reliable daily driver, don't care too much about turboing the motor, got allt he d-series bolt ons..

The Main question is.. How would a d16y7 motor work in a EG ( is it a reliable swap?)

Thank you, to anyone who replies.
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 08:00 PM
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d16y7 motor would work fine, do a compression test ect before u get it, tune up and itll BE reliable. Id just go with ur first choice replace the headgasket its the cheapest route , if your doing the work yourself..?
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 08:01 PM
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Replacing the headgasket would be the cheapest if you can do it yourself. However there's always other stuff to do ie. t-belt, etc.,
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 08:26 PM
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thanks for the fast replies.

i'm taking apart my d15b7 motor this weekend to check out the extent of the damage. thermostat was broken so i have no idea how long the car was being driven over heated.. ripped it on the highway for a while, smelled coolant from time to time. i just assumed the smell was somethign else.

my friend has a shop and said hes sawp the motor for me, the d16y7 into the eg, if i give him the 1998 car for parts. sounds likea good deal to me.

all i end up paying is aoround $300 for labor, and the motor is free, because he will buy 1998 civic for $400. I'm sure he'll make enuff for it with industry hookups.. might be able to flip it for parts.

Will converting my car to OBD-2 be a hassle? keep in mind the donor car (1998 d16y7) belongs to a mechanic i work with, he mainted the car well. his son crashed it. the motor seems good.

in the future i might get a Greddy kit for the y7 , so atleast the motor will be in better shape than my d15b7, which has been thru a very rough life.

anyone own a d16y7 and turbo it? i'm interested in hearing results
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 08:35 PM
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Theres quiete a few people running turbo d's , search the threads
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 09:20 PM
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yeah I run a turbo D16Y7
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 10:06 PM
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D16Y7/y8 has has more issues with the oil pump than other d motor's. Swap the head it won't be hard at all and you can check the condition of your cyl walls.
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 10:34 PM
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k, if i decide to put the d16y7 in, will i need to buy anythign else?

the d16y7 is obd 2 my car is obd1

the d16y7 is coming with the car and has the wiring, ecu, etc from the car (obd 2 )

can i just use all those and the obd 2 ecu on my civic (94) or will i need a conversion harness ? i ask this because someone told me that a d16y7 will not work in an EG. My mechanic thinks it shouldn't be a problem and will work with the parts that are in the EK i'm buying for $400..

can anyone clear this up? i need to let the owner of the mangled EK know by tomorrow
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Old 22-Mar-2007, 11:51 PM
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im pretty sure u can still run your harness but you will have to use your own injectors and harness BS from your cx
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