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is it all a myth!?!

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is it all a myth!?!

I cut and paste this from

Q: I recently purchased a 99 Prelude and added an exhaust and intake to it two weeks ago. Since I don't plan to drag an extraordinary amount I have been saving money for a supercharger (which takes an eternity when your 17 and working at Kentucky Fried Chicken for $5.40/hour). I'm also looking to add a DC Sports Header next week, but I'm concerned: would an exhaust, header, and intake have a negative effect with the supercharger in place? Thank you for replying - Ryan Prestwood

A: According to Jackson Racing ..."for the base 6 PSI systems, changes in intake, header or exhaust shows no real measurable improvements in driving or on the dyno. More importantly, there has been many documented tests by Road and Track, Motor Trend, and Sport Compact Car, just to name a few, that have seen a loss in power from header, and intake upgrades in Hondas and Acuras. What has always distinguished Honda/Acura from the other O.E.'s is their commitment to power. They have such highly tuned intakes and exhaust, from the factory, that it is hard to improve. For example, in the December 96 issue of Motor Trend they tested a DC Sports Civic equipped with a DC Sports header, cat back exhaust, and DAC intake, estimated cost of $1300 without labor. The DC Sports Civic went 2 mph slower in the 1/4 mile than a stock Civic. And regarding intakes, in the September 97 issue of Sport Compact Car, they tested most of the popular intakes available and found little to no gain in power for an investment of nearly $250. This is not to say that your particular setup will not work, it is just that we do not have the time or the access to test every product on the market. We can only judge the quality of the manufacturers and the truth to their claims of power by the legitimate testing done by reputable magazine technical editors. Whether your particular setup will improve performance with the supercharger is unknown"

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its all phsycosimatic (sp)

i have had a few intakes and an exhust and i dont notice any difference other then noise.... maybe slightly more power up near the redline... but i dont assume it to be that much....
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Most headers on the market like the DC sports etc are made for NA motors.
Forced induction motors pump huge volumes of air due to the Super charger or Turbo so if your header and exhaust is not the proper size you will kill some of the power you are making.

YOu have to think of the engine as a system not individual bits, what you add on to it affects the whole thing so what you want to do is determine what you want out of the motor and then look at the specs of every component to see if they are appropiate for what you are trying to do, to make sure that you are keeping the flow of gases in and out of the motor as fast as possible with as least restrictions as you can get.

That means all your exhaust system and intake should be sized for the hp your trying to make. Too small and you will lose power too big and you will lose power again.
It's not as simple as just bolting parts on.
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lightwaver thanks for the info. that makes sense.
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How many times have I debated with ppl about OEM parts???
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Originally posted by bbarbulo
How many times have I debated with ppl about OEM parts???
do a search for bbarbulo and oem parts ... count yourself
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I agree with Lightwaver. The OEM intake/exhaust/header are not the best parts for an SC car. However, that being said, it is not easy to find parts that will work better than stock since, as Lightwaver said, most of the aftermarket parts available are built for NA applications. You need to contact some of the manufacturers that build parts specifically for an SC application. They are out there, but they're not common.
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