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P2R 06+ Civic Short Shifter Install

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P2R 06+ Civic Short Shifter Install

Just wanted to post up this install for you guys. We gave a free short shifter to a local customer, and asked him to create a DIY for us. He doesn't have a membership on this forum, so i am just copying and pasting the thread from another site.
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Just got back from picking up and installing my P2R Short Shifter on my 2006 Civic Si... From how it feels I'd have to say it's pretty nice... I've noticed with other SS the gears 1/3/5 feel almost the same as stock and only 2/4/6 feel shorter... With this P2R SS they all feel noticeably shorter... The shifting stiffens up a bit for a better feel for gear engagement... A must buy for those who want a more solid feel on their shifting...

Enough of that... On with the pictures (sorry for the blurry pics, the camera doesn't have manual focus and that auto crap can't seem to get it right)

P2R Short Shifter and allen key was used for this install...

Remove the plastic cover over the shifter to reveal the stock shifter thingy... You must pry the clip (your fingers can do this, it's not very stiff) and pull down on the black plastic to remove...

This little blue ball is a B to take off but with two screwdrivers prying on opposite sides will take it off...

Here's where I put a paper towel under it just so when it comes off it doesn't get lost or fall down to the floor...

IMPORTANT!!! Install blue cap thingy on SS BEFORE you attempt to install the SS...

Installed and noticeably closer to the plastic of the shifter cover but not touching...


All-in-all this install took less than 5mins... Very simple to do and a great improvement to the driving experience...

I will make a thread of ALL the P2R goodies that I have installed on my car thus far later when I have some more time...


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