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MPFI Write Up

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DIY: DPFI to MPFI Write Up

I was bored and decided to do an MPFI writeup so here it is: plz tell me if somthing is incorect thanks

Parts required for MPFI Swap on a DPFI engine:

D15b2 MPFI Swap
MPFI Intake Manifold (D16A6, Si engine)
MPFI Distributor (D16A6) (note: try to get the harness side of the plug also)
Injector Resistor Box
Injector Plugs (if your Manifold doesn't have them)
Note: Clean all engine parts before installation

Engine Bay

1. First off its best to label everything such as all the hoses, vacuum lines, and wires so that you no where everything goes when your plugging everything back on the si intake manifold.
2. Then carefully unhook all the wires, sensors vacuum lines, and hoses being careful not to damage any of the components on the intake manifold and distributor.
3. Unbolt the manifold bracket support located under the intake manifold, the bracket can be hard to get off the easiest way is to go under the car and undo the bolts.
4. Unbolt the manifold and carefully pull it out with two hands, after the manifold is out you can take off the distributor and replace it with the si one.
5. The TPS sensor (black color located on the throttle body) must be extended 7-10 inches, and swap the green and yellow wires around.
6. The EACV sensor must also be extended 7-10 inches.
7. Next install the injector resistor box on the driver side of the engine bay.
8. From each of the injectors on the si throttle body there should be red/black wires, connect these wires to the injector resistor box.
9. Now from your DPFI harness cut off the injector plugs (green plug and Brown Plug) there should be to wires for each of the DPFI injectors, take the yellow/black wires and run them to the injector resistor box.
10. Connect the solid yellow wire from the DX injector to the #1 injector on the MPFI Injectors
11. -Connect the solid red wire from the DX injector and run it to the #3 injector on the MPFI Injectors
12. Now it is time for you to wire up you distributor, there is two connectors on the distributor one small one and another big one. The small contector is plug and play while the bigger one is a little different, the two plugs won’t fit so you must use the si wire harness side of the connector. Match up all the wires and you will have two wires left over, connect the blue/yellow wire to your c2 wire and c1 to the blue/green wire.

Wiring inside car at ECU

1. -Pins B10 and B12 are empty meaning there are no wires going into them as a general rule, however some models have a wire at B12 (if you have one that is one there that is one less wire you will need to move).
2. -Pins B2 and B11 have wires going into them but they are not used for anything (weird, but trust me on this one).
-Take the pin/wire from B2, depin it (this means pop it out of the plug) and pin it (pop it into plug) into B10's empty spot, how you have a wire at B10.
-Take the pin/wire from B11, depin it and clip it into the B12 spot, now you have a wire at B12.
3. -Cut the orange C1 wire and white C2 wire "in half" (by cut in half I mean cut the wire making sure to leave enough wire so you can strip and solder them to another wire later). Now when dealing with cutting I will refer to the side of the wire coming from the interior harness as the harness side, and I will refer to the side of the wire coming directly from the ECU's plug (direct ECU connection) as the ECU side (the only plug in question for this step is the ones that go into the ECU).
4. -At the ECU plug, for C1 and C2 solder and heat shrink wires to them and run them into the engine bay. Mark these wires with a piece of tape saying C1 and C2 on it. Because if you are like me you were using black wire which all looks the same so you need to make sure you know which is which.
5. -Now connect and solder the ECU side of B10 onto the harness side of the orange C1 wire, then do the same for the ECU side of B12 and the harness side of the white C2 wire.
6. -Cut wires at A3 and A7 and run them to the MPFI Injectors. (A3 wire to the red wire on the mpfi injector and A7 wire to the yellow wire on the mpfi injector)

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You should a buy a new intake mani gasket when you do this
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