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M3 mirror install

Old 09-Jun-2003, 06:19 PM
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M3 mirror install

This is a brief how-to for an install of m3 led mirrors on a 96 civic sedan:

what u'll need:
pliers, small metric socket (8mm), electrical tape, small phillips screw driver and slot screwdriver, the mirrors themselves and some wire taps
its a good idea to wear gloves when handling the mirror so u dont get fingerprints all over them.

my car had manual mirrors. cars with power mirrors can be removed in an almost similar manner. (pic 1)

first disconnect the battery. u dont want the air bag accidentally opening in your face.

driver side
first remove the end cap of the arm that controls the mirror by using a small slot screwdriver. make sure u cover the scredriver with a cloth or tape so it doesnt scratch anything
(pic 2)

once u have removed the cover u'll see a small phillips head screw. remove that. be careful not to ruin the head or u'll never get it out. (pic 3)

once u have take the screw out the plastic covering should slide off. put these small parts in a safe place so u dont lose them.

use the slot screwdriver to pry up the inside covering. make sure to wrap it in a cloth or tape as mentioned above. gently pull back on the covering. its only held in place by clips but be careful not to brake them. u'll have to wiggle the covering off. if you want u can remove the door panel but its a lot more work and you dont have to do it. (pic4)

use ur socket to remove the 8mm bolts. there are 3 of them. becareful not to lose them or drop them in the doorpanel. (pic5)

gently slide the mirror out of the door. it should come out easily.

now to remove the panneling. remove the plastic screw at the side of the panel. make sure u remove the lil plug as well. gently pull on the panel as its also held in place by clips. (pic7) once ur done it should look like pic8

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Old 09-Jun-2003, 06:19 PM
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remove the dash below the steering column next. it requires the removal of 3 screws. you will also have to pull gently since there are 3 clips here as well (all at the top of the pc). once ur done that ur car should look like pic 9

install the mirror and secure it using the screws/bolts provided. this will vary with the make and model of the mirrors u bought. mine came with screws. once u have secured the mirror make sure its not loose. place the covering back on (pic 10)

now onto the wiring.
pass the wires with the mirror behind door paneling and through the side of the dash where u removed the panels. (see pic 8)

find a good ground and ground the black wire from the mirror.
find the green wire with the red stripe and single grey band. this wire is for the left turn signal and can be found underneath the fuse area on the driver side. use the wiretap to make a good connection. later, once u've tested everythign dont forget to comeback and cover the tap with electrical tape. (pic 11)

passenger side
removal of the mirrors is the same as the driver side.

for wiring the mirrors use the relay located on the right side of the glove box. its easier to see if u remove the glove box door.
first ground the black wire.
next you are looking for the green wire with the yellow stripe and single grey band.

thats it. replace all the dash panels u removed.

here are some pics of the finished product

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Old 09-Jun-2003, 06:20 PM
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i'll put up some night time pics and some more pics of the wire and passenger side install once my digicams batteries are recharged
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Old 10-Jun-2003, 10:44 AM
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Clean install, nice. What's the brand of the mirror? I hope they are not APC...
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Old 10-Jun-2003, 03:00 PM
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like that

hurry up mod boy.....knowledge is for the stealing lol

nice picture covered DIY .......
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Old 10-Jun-2003, 03:17 PM
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sure go ahead. i'll try to get some more of the pics up soon.
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