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D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs

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D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs

I installed the fogs on my EJ1, but i added in the HID's, here is the simple way i did it using a Depo kit and 3000K HIDs (prolumen)

Here is your Fog light

This is the cover you will need to remove with a phillips srewdriver.

And here is what the bulb looks like under the cover

Once you remove the cover, unplug the bulb (H3 bulb, 1 wire) and remove. You will no longer need this bulb.

After you do this, you will need to remove the bulb harness from the cover that you removed, and to do this you simply pull the white wire through and with the ground you can break off where it is srewed into the fog light. (you do this because you need something to hold down the bulb bracket. and as well, the HID bulb has its own ground so you dont need to use the one that comes with the fog light. just look at the pic.

Now you need to install the HID bulb into the fog light. Here is what the bulb should look like (prolumen)

Remove the seal that is around the bulb wires.

install the bulb in the correct position in the fog light itself. I had to bend the bracket a little to fit around the wide base of the HID bulb. depending on what kit you use you might not have to do this.

Now take you fog light harness and cut off the ground end, and then srip it so that you have bare wire (and yes that is a igarage logo that it ettched into my desk at work... long story)

Now once you;ve done this you need to connect a connector to the end of this wire (to wire into your HIDs) I used the same connector thats on the white end.

We'll get back to what we do with that afterwards.

Now that we have our HID bulb in place its time to put the cover back on and there are several ways to do this, I knoe Spencer (knightX) just cut the bulb harness and shoved it through the hole and then wired it back... i though about doing that, but then what happens if you need to change the bulb? then you have to cut it again.. i didnt like that idea so this is what i did.

I grinded down the hole that the original bulb harness went through, so that i can put the hid bulbs through there, now you dont have to do it in that location, you can grind down anywhere on the cover thats not in the way of the mounting srews.

this is what it looked like after

I used that little plug that was in there originally to kinda cover it up (i just cut it off the original bulb harness and put it around the HID bulb harness)

NOW YOUR DONE WITH THE FOG LIGHT ITSELF... now to prepare your HID bulb to hook up to the rest of the kit you need to do the following...

Using the original harness that we have modified, we are gonna plug in the HID ballast harness.

then tape it up so its not a victim of the elements (rain, and ---- like that)... make sure you tape the 2 wires seperatly, and then tape the together, so they are not touching eachother.

and thats all, your done... if you dont know what to do from here then follow either you HID installation instructions, or find a thread for installing HIDs... everthing should be strait forward from here... use the foglight installation thread and the hid thread and this thread to make it all work. Im jsut showing you how to do the HID foglight part.

Special thx to the foglight thread for helping me with the install in the first place! Good luck! PM me if you have any questions about what to do!


I know foglights get owned by rocks and end up being all pitted with pock holes, so to kinda work around this, this is what i did.

just cut off all the access 3m clear tape and your good to roll, cant even notice its over top.
Attached Thumbnails D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347777365_53b39ab437.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348613224_d0e7b778dd.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347778047_5099761316.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348613898_718cca2cd4.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348616102_77850f8471.jpg  

D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348614278_b7292e1180.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347779007_c7b0072540.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347780745_9d0b24713d.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347781117_0f6b0e1173.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347779691_9d4f86d2e0.jpg  

D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347780027_55334a90c0.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347781463_b3545cbae3.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348618444_2ec4ecd440.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348618738_4be321b303.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348617432_0ef0373792.jpg  

D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348617834_87c6ea1354.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348618098_fc28074938.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348621032_e660810e56.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347786233_eebfd22b98.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347786577_5af895f632.jpg  

D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348624086_7b870bab91.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347788743_0bd58b81c2.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3348619394_d065cc3c7c.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347784195_b8a0aa5d6d.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347784515_a1ea3e5029.jpg  

D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347784865_1dded1ff73.jpg   D.I.Y. HIDs in you EG Fogs-3347785135_0b1739e62a.jpg  
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Nicely explained with good direction.
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Somewhat old thread but just came across it. Doing this soon to mine and wanted to ask if the bulb cleared the cut-off shield inside the light and if it was short enough to keep from getting too close to the lens. Thanks
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