HOW-TO: Install SiR Rear Anti-Sway Bar - 6th gens

Posted January 7th, 2002 by v33k

Objective:  Install an OE SiR Sway Bar on any 6th Generation Civic

About the mod:

Except the SiR model, all 6th Generation Civics have no Rear Sway bar (Rear Stabilizer bar, Rear Anti-roll bar, Rear anti-sway bar), whatever way you call it.
However, all 6th generation civics can install the OE SiR Rear Sway Bar easily since all 6G civics come with mounting holes that needed to complete this mod. 
All parts can be ordered from any honda dealer, it costed me about $250 for everything.

Difficulit level:  Relatively Easy

Tools Needed: 

Jack, Jack Stands
Socket wrench with assorted sockets
Open-end wrench
Torque wrench  (optional)

Time Needed: 1 hr or less

DISCLAIMER: This is only a installation that performed by me, not by professional. Therefore, I am not responsible for: (A) Wrong procedure. (B) The results of installation. (C) Any damage (car , your life or anything) during or after the installation (D) any other reponsiblilities

Parts List:

1x 27. 52300-S52-A01 SPRING, RR. STABILIZER (13MM) 
2x 28. 52308-S04-000 HOLDER, RR. STABILIZER
2x 29. 52315-S52-A00 BUSH, RR. STABILIZER (13MM) 
2x 30. 52317-S04-000 BRACKET, RR. STABILIZER 
1x 31. 52320-S04-003 LINK ASSY., R. RR. STABILIZER 
1x 32. 52321-S04-003 LINK ASSY., L. RR. STABILIZER 
2x 33. 90002-S10-000 NUT, FLANGE (10MM)
2x 34. 90212-671-005 NUT, SELF-LOCK (10MM) 
4x 35. 83403-0802008 BOLT-WASHER (8X20)
4x 36. 95701-0801808 BOLT, FLANGE (8X18) 
Extra: 4x Self locking nuts and 4x washers

Click pics to enlarge

Fig 1: everything is here except the 4 self locking nuts and washers 

STEP 1: Double Checking and make sure everything is here.

Fig 2: Bushing, bracket and endlink attached to the sway bar

STEP 2: Practice makes perfect, see how everything need to be put together

Fig 3: Everything fits perfectly

STEP 3: If everything is ready, head to the garage

Fig 4: Jack up the car, remember, SAFETY FIRST.

STEP 4: Jack up the car, jack stand alone is not safe. I use my some rims to support and  make sure I don't get killed when I work under my car.
(note: removal of the rear wheels is not necessary)

Fig 5: See the 3 holes, the hole at the lower control arm is for the endlink, and the other 2 holes are for the bracket

STEP 5: Locate the factory mounting points ,clean up if necessary

Fig 6: Put the bracket on first, use the 2 BOLT-WASHER (8X20), 2 self locking nuts and 2 washers

STEP 6: Put the bracket on first, use the 2 bolt-washer, 2 self locking nuts and 2 washers. I torque it down to 40 ft-lb by a torque wrench

Fig 7: This is the right side

STEP 7: Do the same thing as step 6

Fig 8: Put everything else on

STEP 8: Lubricate the bushings, mount the Sway bar and put everything else in place. Tighten up everything

Fig 9: Right side

STEP 9: same as step 8

Fig 10: Finished!!

Step 10: Double Check everything, make sure they are all tightened up. Lower the car.

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